Benefiting the people of Usk by supporting social, academic and physical education projects.

What is the Roger Edwards Educational Trust (REET)?

Roger Edwards of Usk bequeathed money to establish almshouses in nearby Llangeview when he died in 1624. The almshouses were rebuilt in 1826 but fell into disuse from 1969. Edwards also founded Usk Grammar School which was overseen by the Usk Grammar School Foundation.

In 1956 a scheme approved by the Charity Commission set out the objectives of The Usk Grammar School Foundation.  Under this arrangement Monmouthshire County Council was appointed as the sole corporate trustee. Two thirds of the income from the Foundation was used to support the Monmouthshire Farm School Trust which in turn part funded the former agricultural college at Usk and agriculture students.

The remaining one third of the income was required to be used to support educational projects and individual students living in Usk and the surrounding district.

This arrangement remained in place for over 50 years until November 2008 when following a campaign led by the late Lord Raglan the County Council voted to relinquish its control of the Trust.  The Roger Edwards Educational Trust (REET) then took on the form in which it exists today.