Roger Edwards Trustees,
Summer turning into Autumn brings us to the end of the Cricket season and we wish to say a big thank you to the Roger Edwards Trust for their continued financial help.

We, at Usk Junior Cricket have had a very successful season with fifty two registered players both boys and girls aged from four to seventeen.  Of these forty live within the NP15 area. We have played our competitive cricket in the Monmouthshire Cricket leagues and our teams have performed to a very high standard.  Our Under 15 team came 2nd, our very young under 13’s came 4th and our under 11’s finished top of their league so very well done to them.  Our Coach has also been able to support Usk primary school with coaching sessions under the “chance to shine” programme and this has helped us with further development of our young players.

Your contribution towards our winter training got us if to a flying start to the season. With your generous support we have been able to update our team playing kit with new helmets, and gloves.  and our first aid skills have all been updated as a result of your generous support.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our cricket this year and look forward to doing the same next year.  Attached are a few pictures of us “in action”.  We thank you so much for helping to make this happen.

Yours thankfully
Kay Peacock